The Evolution Of WordPress

In the internet, a good way of promoting a business is by writing about it on a regular basis. Even on this site we like to announce what we are doing!  Initially, this can require getting the services of good and engaging writers who can come up with informative and useful content. Other than that, several tools can be considered which will help market the written articles. Software of this type is usually referred to as blogging platforms.

Software for blog use, however, is more than just about creating well-written content. The suitable program should contain a number of other features that can help any online business gain the needed exposure. A good example of such an application is WordPress.

Software like WordPress, when used for business purposes, can help any internet company gain recognition in the virtual world. The core of this particular program rests on its various plugins, many of which were developed by volunteers. This allows the application to become fully customizable and can be modified accordingly depending on the requirements of different business websites.

WordPress initially began as a blogging tool, but as its popularity rose, the program eventually underwent transformation and began introducing a few other features. Today, WordPress is regarded as a dynamic online management system providing services to approximately 22 percent of all existing websites across the world.

Overall, WordPress is the beast of the do-it-yourself online world!

Despite its immense popularity, the application is still being offered for free. Additionally, the software is quite easy to install as this can be conveniently downloaded. This makes WordPress the ideal solution for companies which are just starting out in their online venture.  There are literally thousands of plugins available.  You can download plugins that do anything!  Some of the most popular are plugins for statistics like WP statistics, plugins you can use to backup your site completely like this one, plugins that add countdown timers like this one, and even plugins that allow you to add easy to use contact forms like this one.  Some of these even have dedicated sites to offer their plugin and additional upgrades..sites like this one for Page Expiration Robot can be found.  A complete list of all plugins can be searched from here:

You can see a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a site with WordPress in this video:

Of course, in order to make full use of WordPress, the prospective business is expected to have the needed web host and domain. In this regard, it should be interesting to note that there are also online companies which offer free web hosting services.

Some other software having similar functionalities as WordPress often has to be purchased at a rather stiff price. For the start-up internet business, this is hardly welcome news. WordPress should prove to be the perfect alternative even as it has various features needed to help put up different kinds of websites.

Tools like WordPress are regarded as among the more popular means of getting the needed exposure for those running their businesses in the virtual world. The issue on which is the most appropriate application can be a matter of personal choice. In general, however, it is always best to settle for that which has been around for many years and yet remains highly recommended for numerous online users.

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