What’s New Here at Nazeman – by Susie K. Lowery


Hey Susie here again! I’m really excited that you have made it to the blog page and are already reading my first ever post on here!

Today I would like to tell you a little more about some of the tools we are currently working on in order to improve your website.

Rezr – The automatic picture adjuster

Have you recently been having issues with your images being way too large and slowing down the load times of your website? Yeah well that’s the same issue we have been having, so what we did is invented Rezr, the first automatic backend picture improver. Basically you just install this tool and set it to a certain optimization rate, the tool will then look out for any images that it can find on your server, optimize them, delete the original and replace it with the new lighter image. You can even set it to add in meta data etc for sites that are powered by let’s say wordpress.

Sprdr – The social spreader

This innovation is great, for those sites that are trying to get a larger social following. Unfortunately most of us are too lazy to post about our new article on every single social network, because it’s a lot of effort right? Not anymore! With Sprdr you can now setup all your social accounts once, and as soon as you have, every post you make on your website will automatically be shared to different social networks, it even identifies hashtags for you in order to get your article more recognition!

But that’s not all, you also get amazing insights all in one place, for instance how well your articles where perceived on the different platforms. That way you know way more what to look out for. Nifty tool huh?

5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Content scheduling

Scheduling content to live is a tedious task, but so extremely important, a lot of us forget that the world wide web, is really world wide, and thus people can come to your website around the clock, but this also means that there are peak times for certain niches and geographies. Now do you have the time to work out the peak times that people visit your site? I’m sure you don’t, so why not let our latest innovation do it for you. It can detect the best time to post content and work hand in hand with Sprdr to get the word out!

Again that’s not nearly all that this tool can do for your website, it actually notifies you of the posts that got the most attention, how long people spent reading it and builds a metric of topics it thinks you should go for more often. You add all those features up and its almost like having your own website administrator, but rather than paying a monthly wage, you just pay a once of license to us!

And that’s it my friends on the front for innovations. We don’t have any new products other than those coming out at the moment, but I am sure that that will soon change.

I really hope that you have enjoyed reading my updates here today and that you will soon come back to read more. It makes me proud to be working for such an innovative company that gives me the opportunity to be working directly with the end users such as yourself!

Should you have any ideas in regards to the products above, please do share them with me in the comment section below, all input is essential to me! Really is!

Thank you for stopping by!


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